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Playing Matt Good Songs

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hey guys...


i just picked up an acoustic last month in the attempt to learn the guitar. i've learned some chords and am slowly getting there. any recommendations on easy matt good songs to play? i'm not sure what's hard and what's not. i know most of the tabs are over at the mgbtabarchive. i think it'll be easier to learn if i attempt to learn a song i enjoy (which is all mg/b).


also any tips on learning the guitar would be appreciated.



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learn apparitions, it's all barre chords. so it'll help you learn and it doesn't sound like crap on acoustic. most of his stuff is fun to play acoustically cause he has a folk background.


but let us know before you learn anything because there is NOTHING more frustrating than trying to learn a song that's tabbed wrong. when I was first learning I didn't realize that there were so many jackasses posting B.S. tabs

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Yes definetly learn gen x wing if thats your fav... its very simple. BUT I would suggest you learn chords first and be able to switch between them fairly well. Memorize the chords just keep practicing the finger positions. To play gen x wing you will need to know F, C, G, Am, Dm. Get those down and you will be able to strum it out. The verse of x-wing alternates between F,C,G, and then to F,C,Am and then back to F,C,G and so on until the chorus which is Dm,F,C,G. The song is also tuned down 1/2 step. Practice every day!! Your fingers will get sore but they have to in order to develop the callous you need on the end of each fingertip. Good luck man, I learned to play guitar with playing matt's songs, so you can do it!

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Apparitions was the first Matt Good song I tried to play on guitar... I was not successful. But I'm a guitar newbie, so go for it. I'm sure you'll be much better.


I love playing She's Got a New Disguise. It's much easier to play.

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apparitions is a goody, so is weapon, if u got other people that know it, with different kinds of guitars, inescaple is money. i like most of em. the more acoustic-ky ones than the harder ones


empty road is good too

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"i the throw away" is pretty easy and sounds right perdy like.

I once learned that on my bass ;)

As did I :angry: It is not fabulous?!


You should go learn Omissions of the Omen on bass too (if you havent, it's fun to play)


Man, now I'm in the mood to go play Vermilion over and over...

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I usually play all of the song in standard tuning, even if it says they are tuned a half step down. I'm a chick so I usually capo matt's songs on th hird fret for singing reasons. Some easy ones are

- Tripoli

- Running for Home

- Can't Get Shot


www.mgtabarchive.com I don't know if anyone has posted this link yet

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yay for www.mgtabarchive.com


i'm a beginner too. so far i've played generation x-wing, fated, apparitions, strange days, tripoli, i, the throw away, truffle pigs, lullaby for the new world order, empty road, dancing invisible, as long as you're mine, and can't get shot. if i can play em, so can you.

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