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Favorite Ytv Program?

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you know it, you loved it as a kid, you watched it as a teenager, you get all weepy-eyed just thinking of the wasted saturdays watching the awesome programming they aired on the very Canadian YTV.



so what's ya favorite show they aired?



i'll tell you my favorite, and i can't even remember the show title...which is kind of why i made this thread.


it was the show that featured the cockroach and the maggot, and have a series of stories that started the same way, stories that "happened to a friend of a friend of mine."


if you could help me, that'd be awesome



and please, share your favorites too.

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Oh man, I remember that show!! XD Freaky Stories! ;)


haha... I was introduced to anime through YTV. Sailormoon all the way, man. And I started watching Buffy on that channel too...


We can't forget Reboot either...You Can't Do That On Television...


and the ever popular Are You Afraid Of The Dark... I'm actually surprised how many famous people started on that show...

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I remember Freaky Stories. The first tiem I saw it was a marathon, possibly on halloween. I know it was a special day or weekend because my parents weren't there and I had the TV to my self.


Edit: I was looking up YTV the other day on Wikipedia, and it's too hard to pick from, but one I didn't mention in the other thread was Rocko's Modern Life. Amazing show, and way adult.

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Just bump bump bumpin bump in the night. something something something about going fast... i don't remember the words.


Reboot kicked ass.

Beasties kicked ass.

Zib Zoo Zee Lander: THe botsmaster.

Are You Afraid of the Dark.



Hey Arnold (football head)

Shining Time Station

Dudley the Dragon



Theres more but I'll remember them later.


edit: anyone remember PJ Phil or any of the cool PJs ? WHY WERE THEY CALLED PJs!

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edit: anyone remember PJ Phil or any of the cool PJs ? WHY WERE THEY CALLED PJs!

from Wikipedia "Similar programming existed on YTV's weekend morning broadcasts, also starring variety of hosts, labeled PJs or program jockeys as a take on DJ (disc jockey) and VJ (video jockey)"



and my favorite show was student bodies

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YTV for sure deserves two threads. And more. Anti Gravity Room was sickness. I remember going to a comic book convention when I was a kid and I thought I saw Phil when I was eating nearby, and since it was so possible that he was there, I was convinced it was him. The first time I can remember being star struck. Daryn Jones was on that show too wasn't he?


Also, one time Spacehog was on that show. And one of their songs mentions being in the zone, and as a youth I thought it was a homage to YTV. For some reason.

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For the last few years it has been my dream to take over YTV so that I could have access to all the stuff they have in their vaults, assuming they have vaults. Some of those old forgotten shows and those crazy computer animated things still haunt my dreams. I don't know if you guys remember when they had the lazyboy with the purple cowskin pattern on it, speading down a highway int he country, with The Flight of the Bumblebee playing, but I swear one time it was on a loop and I watched it for ten minutes.

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someone mentioned PJ Katie's farm. i thought that show was so funny.


i like(d) many shows on ytv!

buffy the vampire slayer

are you afraid of the dark


the secret world of alex mack


the zack files



i'm sure there are many more!


someone mentioned COPS. that was on ytv?? i highly doubt it... but maybe! ;)

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