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One of the cool things about ITunes or most mp3 players for that matter is that it tracks your most played songs.


So, whats yours?



edit: ill do my top 5 too


City of Delusion - Muse

Harrowdown Hill - Thom Yorke

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

Generation X-Wing (acoustic) - Matt Good

Knights of Cydonia - Muse

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I'll do my top 5

1. echo-incubus 288 plays

2. between the bars-elliot smith 133 plays

3. Weapon- Matthew Good 92 plays

4. Down - Something Corporate 86 plays

5. House of Smoke and Mirrors- Matthew Good 83 plays


I know thats not right because i use my ipod to play songs through my computer so i dont waste like 20 gigabytes when i dont need to.

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Radiohead - Climbing up the walls

A Sliver Mt. Zion - 13 ghosts...

Secret Chiefs 3 - The Exile

Ween - The Argus

Acid Mothers Temple - Interplanetary Love

Porcupine Tree - A Smart Kid

Tool - 10,000 Days (wings pt 2)

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1. She's in it for the Money, cuz I just left it on loop one day.

2. Lost and Damned - Kamelot

3. Full Moon in Pisces

4. Well it Seems to Me - Lexicon Artist (by my band cuz I was trying to make a drum beat for it)

5. Karma - Kamelot

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top 5 accoridng to itunes:


truffle pigs

this place is a prison - postal service

your ex-lover is dead - stars

marching bands of manhattan - dcfc

the district sleeps alone tonight - postal service

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cocaine cowgirl- matt mays and el torpedo

time of your life (till your dead)- matt mays and el torpedo

wicked man. that so cool. although i got sick of cocaine cowgirl, its still good stuff.


and have u seen the vid for time of your life? if not check it out on youtube.

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From my iPod on iTunes:

1. Surprise Ending-Armchair Synics 55

2. In Repair-Our lady Peace 46

3. Hands Open-Snow Patrol 39

4. Say It Right-Nelly Furtado 37

5. Eye-The Smashing Pumpkins 35

6. Figured You Out-Nickelback 34

7. Long Way to Happy-Pink 33

8. Failing the Rorscach Test-Matthew good Band 32

9. Throw Me Away-Korn 31

10. Haven't Slept in Years-Matthew Good Band 31

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