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Mark Foley Loves The Young Men

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this mark foley guy is all over the news, he resigned because he got caught instant messaging or something, with a page, who was 16 yrs old. there is stuff all over the net now, and Colbert and Stewart, have both done hilarious things. here is a clip of Colbert, the end is definately the funniest to me, but the rest is quite funny too.




and here is one of the instant msg convo's that he had with the page.



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the republican party is self-imploding.



it's so awesome.



the party that has presented itself as the party with morals, a party that would not cheat on their wives or receive blowjobs from interns, has been housing a man who was masturbating to im conversations with a 16 year old.



this is awesome.

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Some blogger went on some wild internet goose chase and outed the name of the young man for some reason or another. And then it turned out he outed the wrong guy. He didn't offer an explanation as to why he did it, but he was full of a sense of accomplishment having found out that information.



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