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Why the fuck do they have houses.

those are flashbacks man, every episode there are flashbacks about different characters.



I'm with ryan on this one, I'm sick of not getting any answers. it's already turned into the X-files in that respect. But I keep watching it anyway.


kate looked very fuckable in that dress

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What the fuck. I should have stopped watching after the first season.


The whole time I was watching the new episode, I kept thinking Sawyer, Jack and Kate were just behing played by the Others. They knew what each of them was going to do before they did it.


I don't know. It's getting quite excessive. All the psychological "don't push that button," "let's see what he does next," "don't worry, if you do this, you're not giving up."


It just seems very orchestrated now even though no one knows the answers.

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orchestrated isn't the right word, more like milked. they still haven't answered questions from the first season and yet they keep on dishing out the mystery.


24 has a perfect balance of suspense and conclusion. the producers could learn something from this show.



it takes two seasons to figure out where the others live, probably another two to find out who they are. c'mon... ridiculous

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