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Saw 3

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just got back from seeing this....pretty decent flick, when released at the right time....aka, hallowe'en. Couple moderately jumpy parts, but the theater was full of like 15 year olds that wouldn't shut up. I actually turned around and told some kid that I really don't need the fucking play by play of whats going on in the movie.

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i saw it. it was sweet. i loved it, but it was so hot in the theatre at the beginning, and i dont have a strong stomach, the first few scenes almost made me pass out, i was fading, i saw stuff go black, and it wasnt just cause it was dark in there.


but all in all out of 10 i give this movie an 8.5

fans of the series will love this one, stuff from the others is explained, and its got some good gore. and stupidity. actually go see it. its worth ti.

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