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i can't stand that show. it tries way too fucking hard to be 'offensive.'


"oh my god, my daughter is dating a black guy!"


"oh my god, my son might be gay!"


"oh my god, my wife caught be cybering with other women!"


they must go to the same Topic Grabbag that the writers of Family Guy use.

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The only living sitcom I'm into these days is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Sunny In Philadelphia is the funniest (edit: and best) show on television today.



ANOTHER EDIT: let's compare the difference between excellent television and cliched generic sitcom.




It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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is this that show with red-headed guy with the boston accent? If so, it's the worst sitcom i can remember in recent memory. terrible, terrible, shitty writing.

the fake applause should tell you something... fake applause hasn't really been used since the early 90s.

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This show sucks donkey dong compared to great comedies like The Office, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Extras, and Curb Your Enthuiasm.


This show is the r-tarded cousin of Married with Children.

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