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el tripoli

Survivor Must End

would you agree  

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seriously, the same exact thing repeated 15 times and people still watch it. so now they try to put in some different races and label it controversial, that's not controversial, it's all still people, they should seriously stop, i dunno how theyre still makin money.

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I've watched every season all the way through (except 1) since the beginning. This is the 1st season i'm not watching. Its just getting dull. I actually now just watch the first 2 minutes of each show to get a recap of what happened last week, and then maybe i'll watch the last 4 shows when it really gets interesting.

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I have always harbored a deep dislike for reality TV...real life is enough for me, I don't need to see anyone elses.


I have had to sit through a few episodes of this one, and I'll be honest...I'm always hoping someone will come flying over in a vintage WWII fighter, and strife them all into oblivion.


I watch Drawn Together (Cartoon Reality series)


At the Gym, I watch Celebrity Fit Club...not much choice with that one, it's what's on.


I also watched Stan Lee's "Super Hero" reality show...one, because I love Stan, but also it was so tongue in Cheek....it was meant to be funny, without being cruel, exploitive, or trashy...

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I'm still holding out for Survivor: Congo or Survivor: Darfur.


Why not? Boring old reporting on the genocide and conflicts in those two regions doesn't seem to get much done, might as well set a popular "reality" television show there instead.*


(* - I seem to have misplaced the 'sarcasm' font)

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