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Words Of Wisdom

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I read about an eskimo man who asked the local missionary priest,

"If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?"

"No" said the priest, "Not if you did not know."

"Then why," asked the eskimo, "did you tell me?"


-Annie Dillard

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Cliche? Well I couldn't care less if the world thinks it's cliche, its words are more full of wisdom than any other book and it is truth. If people don't want to believe or agree with it then skip past it.

it's about bringing "cool little sayings or quotes" into the thread, not reciting biblical literature, or agreeing or believing.

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Hey man. I know I was trying to defend your position in that other thread, but at the same time you're kind of pushing it, at this point.


We get that you've got a lot of faith, that's commendable. We get that you want to share the good word, but I'm starting to find your insistence that it's "The Way the Truth and The Life" a little uncomfortable. As an online community, I think we've made it very clear that, while we respect your religious views, we're also not interested in being preached to.


There's a line between sharing wise words and provoking people who are clearly not interested in the bible's words.

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I'm not pushing it or trying to provoke at all. Maybe I came across that way in the other thread but here I'm simply defending my right to post Bible verses in here. I have just as much right to do that as you or others have to post whatever you want. I'm not trying to force it down peoples' throats and it's not my problem if it makes anyone feel uncomfortable for some strange reason. I could say the same about other peoples' quotes but you don't see me doing that.

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