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So it's up streaming on their site and it goes into stores next week.


Initially I wasn't expecting much, mostly because Bob Rock was producing it so I expected to be an Our Lady Peace sized piece of crap. Then I heard "In View" and my fears went away. The song is great, and I figured the album would match it at least a few times.


So I listened and I'm not impressed. I may even like In Violet Light better, which was my least favourite until now. So far a couple of tracks are growing on me, so I'll see what I think in a week. It kind of sounds like they aren't even trying for the first half of the record. "Family Band" is alright.


Anyone else listen to it yet? Check out www.thehip.com to hear it.

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that makes absolutley no sense, did u like it? or did u just wanna say that u heard it?

um, it makes perfect sense considering i am american and your canadian music gets played on the radio here, you know, like, NEVER...


also, since i was posting in chad's thread, i don't have to 'make sense' to anyone but chad, i could come in here and gurgle MEATHATZZZZZ ASFJALKFHALSFA and he would get it.



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Bob Rock isn't cool enough to be the devil. He wishes he was that cool. I was really hoping to hear more synth lines like the one in In View, but instead we get a lot of piano. Nothing wrong with that of course, this is the first album of theirs to use keys this much, but I like the direction In View was going in.


I'm still buying this record like all the others, but it's definitely not the shining star of their late period.

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It's different than classic Hip for sure, I keep waiting for them to retreat back to more of the sound you here on Up To Here. Fully Completely is a sweet album too.


In any case, I still really like the new material, although I think In View is one of the weaker songs on the album. The Kids Don't Get It, Family Band, World Container, and Lonely End of the Rink are all awesome tracks. I was really worried when I heard Bob Rock was producing it but it actually is a pretty damn good album. The Hip had nothing but fantastic things to say about working with Rock too, from what I hear.

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