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Late Night Pleasures

Favourite late night show/host  

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  1. 1. Favourite late night show/host

    • Late Show with David Letterman
    • Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    • Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
    • Late Night with Conan O'Brian
    • Other

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I know i was forgetting to put someone on my list.


My Favourite is Jay Leno. I think this show has the smartest writing and he always has really good guests. I love Headlines and Jaywalking among others. I love Kevin Eubanks...but i hate the new announcer, i liked ed hall better.


Conan would be my second favourite. I watch this when i'm in the mood for a silly stupid laugh. Max Weinberg is cool too. And i love how Conan acts like a Jack Ass on purpose. His line up of guest isn't always the greatest though.


And Dave and Craig i don't find funny or amusing at all!!!


Jimmy Kimmel is so so.

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Haha yep misleading indeed. But I wanted to come check it out anyway. ;)

I voted Conan. I really don't like Kimmel. Kilborn seems arrogant to me. One time when I watched a part of his show he was talking to this guy about virginity (?) and the guest said he did it when he was 13, then Kilborn acted all impressed, saying 'oh I didn't do it until I was 14'. Wow good for him. Leno, meh, but Conan is my favourite (he did work on the Simpsons after all).

I don't mind his sometimes silly humour. In the paper on Sunday when I read the 'best late night laughs' part Conan's are always the best.

'It has been rumoured that J. Lo got married last Saturday because she was pregnant. When confronted with the question, J. Lo responded, "I didn't get married because I am pregnant. I got married because it was Saturday." '

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1. letterman.

2. conan

2. jon stewart!!! (why isnt he included???)



4. kimmel

5. leno


kimmel is only 4th because he isnt funnier than conan, but anyone is better than jay leno.


also CRAIG KILBORN ISNT ON TV ANYMORE!!!! just so you know. i dont understand why he's on the list.


david letterman is the king of late night to me.


conan is a close second, his comedy is more... random... more suited for out younger generation. he's awesome.


tied with him would be jon stewart. no one's done political comedy like him since back when rick mercer was on "this hour has 22 minutes".


jimmy kimmel is plain to me. his girlfriend is funnier.


leno's comedy is tasteless and varies little from week to week. his entire fucking monologues right now are pure michael jackson jokes. jesus christ, someone needs to realize that the scope of humor goes beyond your tiny fishbowl called LA.

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also CRAIG KILBORN ISNT ON TV ANYMORE!!!! just so you know. i dont understand why he's on the list.

Thank you for someone posting this. Some english or british guy hosts now.

i think he might be scottish.


he was drew carey's boss on 'the drew carey show'.


he's kind of funny, but i dont see why he's got a late night show and i don't.

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