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I would have posted this earlier but I'm been in a hurry today and under short notice with everything. Anyway:


Tonight in Hamilton. 9:00PM start. Five different venues supporting the local music scene. All playing at once. $5. Probably worth going--only problem is that they should have organized the genres a little better. Here they are (in order of appearance):


The Underground:


Jacome (comedy/acoustic)

Navy (pop-punk/rock)

Don Vail (indie/garage rock)

Sail Boats are White (dancy rock like The Rapture)

Surly Young Bucks (no idea who this band is)


The Casbah:


Drew Smith (acoustic)

A Northern Chorus (ambient/alternative)

The Nines (piano rock)

Marble Index (we know them)

Wax Mannequin (alternative/indie/rock [most potential to rock]

Afternoons in Stereo (Lounge) (jazz/funk)


Pepper Jack Cafe


Orphx (electrionica)

Electroluminscent (electronica/ambient)

hEAT (hip-hop/ambient}

MJ/Kae Sun (hip hop)




Lovebolt (no idea)

Hewit (very coldplay/keane esque)

Starside (pop-punk)

Astroknaughts (indie with a bit of ska)

Cities in Dust (dancy rock like Hot Hot Heat)




Tell The Divers (math rock)

Hoosier Poet (post-hardcore with bits of math)

Inflation Kills (melodic math rock)

Pantychrist (punk/riot grrrl)

Sam Lawrence 5 (punk)


I think the safest pick is to go to The Casbah. If Corktown had more math rock/post rock bands, it probably would have won me over but lost me with the punk rawk headliners. Absinthe is a safe choice too--probably my second choice. The Underground is hard to say--especially when I don't know who the headliner is. And well the Pepper Jack bands are for the fans of teh beats.



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Great show. Only problem was that the show really ended late (2:30AM) and I couldn't keep myself up (was up at 7AM).


Drew Smith: typical acoustic rock--one of those performances where the crowd talks the whole way through it. He was okay.


A Northern Chorus: Easily the best band musically. A cross between Sigur Ros and The Arcade Fire I would say. Vocals could have been stronger but very, very strong musicianship.


The Nines: Sounded like an upbeat Ben Folds Five. They were pretty good but I thought they were on way too long. A guy who was with me was basically his favourite local band and he died during their set.


The Marble Index: Not the greatest band musically but there's no doubt that they can put on a great show, probably the most enjoyable of the night. The singer was ridiculously intoxicated which ruined his vocal ability but I admired his effort.


Wax Mannequin: Came on at 1:30AM. I was so tired but I wasn't going to leave that performance. Very solid performance. The guy has potential to be a poor man's Mike Patton (not to mention that he did have a great diverse voice).


Worth it for $5 plus got a compiliation double disc that feautured 32 Hamilton bands for free. ONLY problem is that the show ended when it ended and I had to pay $8.50 for a taxi as it was my only means of transportation. Oh well.

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