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Something for All of Us - Brendan Canning (founding member of Broken Social Scene)

Rock Fantasy - Wet Secret

Brothers & Sisters, Are You Ready? - Big Sugar

Sgt Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band - The Beatles (vinyl)

The Beatles (AKA White Album)- The Beatles (vinyl)

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Impressive Vinyl purchases Emily.

I had originally stolen my dad's copies of both albums, but I began to feel really, really guilty about hording them, especially the White Album because for a period, I had lost the included pictures. ;) It's all good now, though. They're not original copies - as soon as I get my record player, they began re-issuing the entire Beatles' catalogue on vinyl - but I figure because I do live in Sarnia, and I can't put an estimate at the next time I'm going to be at a proper used record store, it would be OK to go with the newer copies for the time being, or until I can find abandoned copies at some thrift store/garage sale. (Why people would get rid of what essentially is the epitome of 20th century music, I do not know, but I've seen it happen...it's how I got my copy of Abbey Road.)

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