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Gotta think...



George Harrison - Cloud Nine (used)

Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace (used)

Paul McCartney - Give My Regards to Broadstreet (used)

Paul McCartney & Wings - Back to the Egg (used)

Beatles - Past Masters Vol 1 & 2 (new, double album)


I think I bought CD's in the past two weeks, I just can't remember what they were...too many solo Beatle albums were in the used pile for me to think about purchasing anything else.

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Damnit Emily, I've been humming that damned George Harrison song for the last hour now. I got my mind set on you, I got my mind set n you....

I wanna be sorry, but I'm not. I pinched the 45 single of that song from my parents when I got my turntable. It's a great song, with a crazy video to boot. ;)


Brand new treasures from the vinyl recycle bin across the street from work:


Synchronicity - The Police

Reggatta De Blanc - The Police

Outlandos d'Amour - The Police

Ummagumma - Pink Floyd*

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd*


(*First, who throws out a Pink Floyd record, period? Second, who throws out Dark Side of the Moon? Third, who wreaks their copy of Dark Side of the Moon? Forth, who in their right mind would throw out their slightly blemished copy Dark Side of the Moon even though there is sill a POSTER and a STICKER still in the cover?! The shop keeper even put the price down to $4 because he was able to find the little blemish on the disc itself. A travesty if you ask me. Having said that, upon further inspection, the blemish could not be found again, so it was mine for the taking. So now I am the proud adopted parent of an original copy of Dark Side of the Moon and nobody will ever wreck it or disown it ever again. The end. :angry:)

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