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i try not to buy cds anymore. i sold my whole cd collection on ebay as one lot last year and since then i just download whatever i can. i did buy three last week, though: vivaldi's four seasons, antonin dvoraks 9th symphony, and gustav mahler's 9th symphony. classical music is hard to find online, so i was left with no other choice.


Yeah, I hear you. I only buy digital now too. I have boxes of cds in the basement collecting dust.


Muse - The Resistance


NO WAY! lol (me too)

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Loney, dear (Sweden) - Dear John

Lightning Dust (Vancouver) - Infinite Light

Nurses (Portland) - Apple's Acre

Throw Me the Statue (Seattle) - Creaturesque

Fox Jaws (Barrie ON) - At Odds

Josh Reichmann Oracle Band (TO) - Crazy Power

Foreign Born (LA) - Person to Person

Black Hat Brigade (TO) - 'Fathers'


FYI all these albums are effing GREAT

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I went to a used record store and picked up:

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band ($8!!)

White Album ($15, it's selling for $27 at HMV)


and don't laugh, but it's really good:

the New Moon soundtrack. It has Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, the Killers, and many other awesome bands.

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Wow no one bought any music in almost a year?


I picked up some records yesterday:


Best Coast, Male Bonding, Interpol (antics), Fucked up (couple tracks), Jenny and Johhny, No Age (everything in between... the guy sold it to me early cause I'm cool), Deerhunter (halcyon digest)

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