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this is really important

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I would pay 10 bucks for a shirt like that... In downtown toronto they have this black market wherre you can make shirts with simple text (they have the old style press) I could make you all a shirt.




i would like one that says "I want to be a real asshole!"

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i looooove black market...

haha theres part of the store on one side of the street, and another part on the otherside. i love it there. i love toronto.

edit: you can buy these sheet things that you can just print off and iron on. brendar bought some for 4 dollars, a pack of 6.

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yeah Toronto is cool,,, I live right downtown too. The business heart of Canada. Vancover is so much better though at least from what I saw when I was there. Last spring I went there for a week and it didn't rain once, (They told me it was really odd) I enjoyed it instead.


Ohh ya back to black markets yeah we have a whole Market called the Kensinton MArket where its all little houses that have been turned into Blak market shops its really cool you can get all kinds of Vintage gear. If your in toronto check it out. they also have this cafe called the "hot box cafe" I'm not sure what goes on there though. They sure do have a big Garden



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Where is this 'black market' located exactly? I like the sound of it. ;) The only place I know of charges $20 for a shirt. Do you get the sheet things that you print off and iron on from the same place?

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