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Gears Of War

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Gears of war is the best game on the xbox franchise so far. its amazing. i dont get a lot of video game time but today i went to a friends and we hooked up a $5000 projector and played it on his wall. it was like a 10ft screen it was amazing, the graphics are phenomonal, and the environments are amazing. its a sweet game for co-op campaign. we played for probably 10 hrs today, we beat it, no sweat. its kinda short, but there will be more.

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well i like games that u just shoot stuff and junk, im easily amused. i relaly like 3rd person shooters like socom but then this comes out with the 3rd person, but its off center, and its amazing. the game is way too much fun for 1

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I'll for sure rent it, but I only have time for one game of the awesome trio that just came out. That's going to be Rainbow 6, only because of my long history of the series, and my number of online friends who I've played with since I joined live.

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