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The New Album Title

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Sorry if this has already been posted, but given that Matt has announced plans to record some new tracks, and given what he's been through, what do you think the name of the new CD will be/should be.


Given what he's written on the blogs, I really like Ghost In A Hospital Hall


Not sure that it would ever be considered as an actual title, but the symbolism of being a ghost of your former self, or something to that effect, is interesting.

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as far as the new album goes, lets not forget that after in a coma matt made it very clear that he was taking his music in a new direction, and we can see some of the products of this with all of the recently released demos (metal airplanes, boy come home, shes in it for the money, ect...)


i can only hope matt follows through on his idea of pairing a new album with a book / dvd. and to incorporate a live element of podcasts somehow.


just my thoughts...

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I don't know about you, but in all those demos I didn't hear any new direction.

I agree.


I wish he would take it another step above Avalanche for experimenting. I think we can all agree Matt's music is pretty stable and easy to get into...and that's fine. I just think if he were to use his talent to really push his music foreward it could be amazing. His sound really isn't maturing, it just sounds older. (this makes little sense).


After Avalanche...White light was somewhat of a let down, and Oh Be Joyful is pretty much a piece of shit song.


I'll keep listening anyways, even if it's just outright country/rock/pop bullshit...because his lyrics interest me at least.


Anyone remotely see where I'm coming from here?

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I don't know about you, but in all those demos I didn't hear any new direction. But that's totally fine by me.

Well remember that we only heard demo like songs. You never know what he could be cooking in the studio. But personally, I think he's going to make a "regular MG style" record because, as he said, he had several plans to do a concept record all of which were denied by Universal.


I remember at some point he was extremely pissed off about it and he said (paraphrased) "if Universal doesn't allow this, you'll get another plain commercial rock record".


And there's also this http://matthewgood.org/2006/06/an-online-history/ entry which reveals that Universal, amongst other record companies, doesn't want to risk originality because it might not be successful enough to make money.


Personally, I hope Matt releases a record like Universal wants it and then, since his contract will be over, he should just say fuck all record companies and make records like he wants and release them on iTunes and whatnot. Holly McNarland did that with The Komrade Sessions and, with only online publicity and no videos, newspaper ads and whatnot, that EP reached number 8 on the iTunes top 100. Knowing Matt's fanbase, he'd greatly be able to do the same thing. And he'd be able to do exactly what he wants without giving anything to a record company. It is a risk to take because if he pays the recording himself and it doesn't sell as much then yes he's going to lose money. But at the end of the day, he'll finally be able to do what he's been trying to do for what 10 years?

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