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The New Album Title

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I always thought Matt is perfect for forming his own label. But for some reason this hasn't happened yet.

i remember a while ago he was answering fan questions in a podcast; and i asked him if he would ever consider starting his own indie label (and who would he bring along)...


his answer was something like "i'd much rather be imprisoned in a third world country. i think the experience would be very similar."


then again, things change.


as for the new album title, i'm quite partial to "Rocksicle." the cover could be a guitar-shaped ice cream popsicle melting. or perhaps go for a pun and have a rock and a sickle with someone licking it or something. honestly, i don't care what it's called. it could be called "Donald Rumsfeld's Back Hair" and i'd still buy it. ;)

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what about meta-titles, like filter's "title of record"?


he could call it "this is where the title would be, but i couldn't really think of anything witty to call it, so the title is actually this entire sentence. i was gonna leave it untitled, but shiri said she hates untitled records, so i had to call it something. the preceeding sentence and this sentence are not actually part of the title."

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Nevermind The Rise & Fall... How about The Hanging Of.


Although, I think Unicorns of 9/11 is as good a title as any. It would probably get slammed by people for being insensitive or whatever, people who don't want to bother reading into why it's called that (which is their right, I guess) but mentioning 9/11 in anything but the most solemn way gets you torched.


Also, "Shark Sandwich".

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A friend of mine, when lending me his copy of The Audio of Being in an attempt to get me hooked on MG(b), told me that he'd read in some interview that Matt was asked if he would record and perform simply under his own name or start a new band with a different name.


We've no idea if this is true or not but I personally think it would make for an awesome album title (and like cweb's idea, this would lend itself to so many excellent cover pictures). The name he supposedly gave was "SNOW AXE."

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Oh yeah, there's no way he would be serious about recording & touring under that name. ;)


It sure would suit a metal band; they wouldn't necessarily have to be from Iceland, just somewhere damn cold - maybe Yellowknife. :angry:

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