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the two "love is hell" albums were great.

otherwise, i've been kind of bored.

Yea, they're my favourite too. esp. 'Love is hell' Part 1

But you have to listen to the other albums again (+ with the Cardinals) you may end up not being bored afterall.

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I like everything before the Cardinals, really. Gold, Rock and Roll, and Love is Hell are all excellent albums. I think it's good that he's stopped focusing on releasing 10 albums per year. Can't wait to pick up the Willie Nelson CD Tuesday that he wrote.


He's posted some new stuff on his website, recently. Punk stuff. He'll occasionaly post an unreleased song.

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I thought he was going all BECK-ified on me for a second with his "website song" --"ahh shit, look who got a website" wtf.

Still don't know what thats really all about, in case you havent visited ryan-adams.com: http://ryan-adams.com/RyanAdams.html

im glad i wasnt the only one that saw the similarities between the two. even ryan's more laid back quiet stuff would work well as a beck song and visa versa.


but yeah, that rap song on his website was funny as hell.


i dont own any albums of his at the moment. i've been meaning to, but lately im on a wilco-kick and have been busy buying up their catalogue.


should i start with whiskeytown? i love the song "avenues"... not sure what album its from.


as far as ryan adams songs go, i really like "sylvia plath" and "please don't let me go". "come pick me up" is also good but it's on the elizabethtown OST and i hate that movie and the people in it.

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