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Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park!?

What is best?  

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  1. 1. What is best?

    • South Park
    • Family Guy
    • The Simpsons

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Thank goodness the South Park cavalry arrived. That one vote was pissing me off. Simpsons I don't particularly mind, although it isn't nearly as good as it when I used to watch it regularly. Family Guy I can't stand for the reasons stated in the "Cartoon Wars" South Park episodes. Hell, even The Simpsons made swipes at Family Guy.

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Did anyone catch the Simpsons tonight? They did an Iraq war parody, where the aliens invaded earth under the same circumstances as the US did Iraq.


I liked it.


Edit: Family Guy ALSO had a big storyline that made fun of Iraq tonight. What are the odds?


Yeah, I know... pretty damn likely. It was a rhetorical question you hypothetical assholes! Leave me alone!


Oh, by the way, I'm not schitzo. ;)



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I'm still not happy that I voted South Park but the poll was fucked up and so one of the South Parks was changed to Simpsons, so appaerntly I voted for Simpsons (which I would never do against South Park)

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Although Simpson's were what i grew up on, i had to vote Family Guy. Mainly because of the YEARS of Simpson crappola being pumped out, if they went back to their older funnier way's id probably have stuck around. But they hurt me. Hurt me like how your first love dissapoints you, yah know? So now I ignore the old love and give my attention to the new one, the funnier one, the hopefully immortal Family Guy,

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it goes in this order:

Southpark - This shows too fucking hilarious, and the message behind the show makes it even better

FUTURAMA - Probably the funniest show of all time, with no real message

Simpsons - In it's prime, was definetly as funny as futurama, but obviously started to slide in the recent years. However the last couple of episodes have been pretty good

Family Guy - WAS funny, 6 years ago

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I definitely agree on Futurama, anyone who doesn't find that show funny, can bite my shiny metal ass!!!


Family Guy is still funny though...

i agree that futurama was funny, but it was not funnier than south park or family guy (on a good night). it was as funny as the simpsons.

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No arguments there, just didn't want it to be forgotten.


South Park is still funny, I still find myself singing "Mr. Hanky The Christmas Poo"


The Simpsons, are getting a little tired, but somehow still funny.


Family Guy (Again, set in the state I grew up in, so many inside jokes) definitely still funny


Let's not forget Ren and Stimpy (The first few seasons, anyway)

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