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Your Top Albums Of 2006 So Far?

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I haven't heard any exceptional albums from 2006 yet.


You should know by now I hate most of everything.

What do you like?

Quite a few bands, but even bands that I like didn't release anything mind-blowing in 2006.


There's a scale by which I decide on the quality of any album.


If I like every single song on it, and there's not a single track that I would rather skip than listen to, it's a perfect album; of the hundreds of albums that I have, there's only one I can name off the op of my head that comes close to that (and it's not from 2006).


Then there are the great albums, on which there are between 1 and 3 songs I would rather skip than listen to.


If there are 4 songs to 1/2 of the album in total (rounding up for albums with an odd number of tracks) that I would skip rather than listen to, it's a good album.


Below that, reaching all the way down to 3 or 4 listable songs makes an album ok/mediocre.


If there are only 1 or 2 good songs, it's a poor album.


And if there aren't any good songs it obviously totally blows.

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Emily Haines - Knive's don't have your back

Feist- Open Season

Deftones- Saturday Night Wrist

Hawksley Workman- Treeful of Starling

I'm From Barcelona - Let me Introduce you to my friends

Melissa McClelland- Thumbalina's One Night Stand

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John Mayer - Continuum

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

haha I was going to say those two!


along with Hawksley Workman - Tree Full Of Starling and Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds


Which have already been mentioned XD Everyone here listens to such awesome music ;)

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Yeah, I'm kinda grossed out at how much Nelly Furtado seemingly sold out. She went from this cute, boho sorta girl, with an interesting voice to


To someone with skanky vocals, clothes, crappy covers, who can't dance (Did you see the Maneater video? Can you say Elaine Dance? *shudder*)

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Hm. A fair few good calls on here.


Young Widows - Settle Down City

These Arms are Snakes - Easter

Converge - No Heroes

Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger

Blood Brothers - Young Machetes

Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist

Isis - In the Absence of Truth

Tom Waits - Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards (Going on a limb on this one, since I haven't heard all of it, but the songs I HAVE heard are awesome)

Tool - 10,000 Days

World/Inferno Friendship Society - Red Eyed Soul

HORSE the Band - Pizza EP

(the) Melvins - (a) Senile Animal

Sarah Slean - Orphan Music


Jury's still out on the new Incubus, obviously, and whatever else might drop into my lap.

Definitely need to add:

dredg - Live at the Fillmore


to the above.

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