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Your Top Albums Of 2006 So Far?

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1. tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain

2. cat power - the greatest

3. beck - the information

4. tool - 10,000 days

5. shearwater - palo santo

6. beth orton - comfort of strangers

7. be your own pet - s/t

8. placebo - meds

9. the blood brothers - young machetes

10. isis - in the abscence of truth

11. clinic - visitations

12. the veils - nux vomica

13. spank rock - yoyoyoyoyo

14. islands - return to the sea

15. ellen allien & apparat - orchestra of bubbles

16. jim noir - tower of love

17. yeah yeah yeahs - show your bones

18. the black keys - magic potion

19. raconteurs - broken boy soldiers

20. annuals - be he me

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Albums I look forward to in 2007:


Matthew Good

The Shins

Bloc Party


Kaiser Chiefs

Bright Eyes

Arcade Fire

Joseph Arthur

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The Breeders

Chris Cornell

The Cure


PJ Harvey


Modest Mouse

The Pixies

The Postal Service


Smashing Pumpkins

The Wrens


Should be an awesome year ;)

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my #1 last year was Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel... what a great great CD, coming back to the 80's sound that made me fall in love with that band and that kinda music!


secondly, Placebo's Meds... also one of the best albums i've ever heard ;)



and the ones I can't wait to hear this new year already:


- SMASHING PUMPINS (I will die when i hear their new stuff!!!)

- Assemblage 23 (new electronic music!)

- VNV Nation (the same)

- PJ Harvey (one of the best voices!)

- THE CURE (one of my favorite bands)

- MATTHEW GOOD (of course!!! ) :angry:

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