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Sorry for the Comfortable Criminals ref. and my eternal apologies to Matt...I always got the impression that those lyrics were directed at people like her...Some people just aren't worth the oxygen they breathe...


To all the ladies, I apologize for the insult that you have to endure of having britney and her ilk, as members of your gender...Beautiful Intelligent women of the world rise up against the polution of the brain dead dipshits!!!


Thanks Tim for the compliment.

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Sorry Dan for my typo, I was tired.

so far, bishop x seems like someone worthy of the Bishop name. I've always wanted to be an X-man for halloween but I'm never sure which one I could pull off aside from Wolverine (I'm short and hairy but in all actuality, about about 7 inches too tall) but wolverine is SO over done that I just don't know what to do. Sabertooth? I could be Mr. Sinister. X-men have such awesome villains

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