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They play that damn Fergalicious song all the time on the radio, and I'm sick of it. My complaint, however, is about the lyrics of the song. If you listen near the end, when that dude, Will.i.am, comes on, and starts spelling tasty and delicious...he spells tasty, TASTEY. With a fucking E. What the fuck? There's no E in tasty. I mean seriously, if you're going to spell it out, such as, the T to the A to the T S T E Y, spell it fucking right.


That's all....

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Fergie is just one of those natural phenomenons. This woman peed all over herself in front of thousands of people, and still manages to make the cover of Rolling Stone. How this is possible for anyone except Thom Yorke...I do not know.


I've heard some of both albums, Paris and Fergie. Paris' is of course better because she can pay more money for better songs. This tijuana bar slut has to settle with whatever her corporate masters have for leftovers at the end of the week.


I think comparing who is more attractive is like going to the pound to adopt a dog, and then finding out you have to fuck it first. No insult to the poochies, of course.

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Paris, Gwenn, Fergie they're all the same. I can't stand even thinking about the popular media because there's shit like this influencing kids and most teens. Like Fergie's new video... It's a rip off of every Gwenn Stefani video. Not to mention it harbors pedopheliac fetishes with the sexualized female dancers dressed like children. There's absolutely ZERO content, it's just a pre-packaged, plastisized dehumanizing product, which is the same as every other video by every other artist out there.

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