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Ultimate Video Game Console Debate

What console do you like the best?  

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  1. 1. What console do you like the best?

    • XBox 360
    • PS3
    • Nintendo Wii
    • PC

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I was a nintendo man growing up, then I switched to PS2.... but now with the impending release of the PS3 and its huge ass price tag ($680 i think here in Canada... not including games), I don't think I can afford it/reasonably spend that much on a console. I'm leaning towards the cheaper-priced Nintendo Wii ($279)... but I need some opinions.


So, what system would you choose and why? Try and take into account issues such as price, bugs/errors, game library, graphics, etc.

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I want a PS3, but not until sometimes next year. The pricetag makes me nervous but thats not why I'm waiting. Sony first announced something like 1000000 units would ship at launch and that number has dropped pretty significantly to a few hundred thousand. then of course, there is the likelyhood that there well be system glitches, over heading, freezing up (all of which while playing Elder Scrolls) I don't like the idea of shelling out close to a grand on something that might not even work right at first. Though, one thing some might see as an advantage, free online gaming.

I think the Wii has a huge advantage this time around. It's pricetag is low enough that parents might not mind shelling out the $300 so their kids can have it for christmas. Also, the release date is 2 days after the PS3. I think a lot of pissed off people that wanted a PS3 but didn't get one might give a thought to the Wii. Wii also encourages people to get off their asses and participate. lots of people will like that feature and maybe overweight people will play for that reason (like with DDR)

I will never own an Xbox or a 360 and my computer sucks so PC gaming is out.

I woted PS3 as better, but I'll have a Wii first.

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I went for Nintendo Wii, just because all the old Nintendo and Sega games are available to play with it, which toally rocks my world.


Other than that I'd have to say PS3, because of backwards compatability. XBOX has always been the system I've disliked the most. Personally there's been no new games that impress me and get me immersed like some of the older RPGs for PSX, everything new, it's all so... blah.

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As actually the best platform (since it's technically not a console) to play games on, a cutting-edge computer is better for most games. Note that there are a couple of exceptions. It also has the best online community (it has the original "online community," after all), but it's by far the most expensive of the four.


Of the actual consoles listed, I'm most interested in the Wii, simply because, after gaming for probably a decade or so, now, it's the first time, in a while, that I've seen anything new and truly intriguing brought to the table. The advent of true 3D graphics for the first time is the only comparable thing I can think of.


Of course, without good games, it could be a total flop, so we'll see what happens. I don't buy into the "more powerful = better" hype that's being spread, especially with regards to the PS3, which some tech analysts don't even believe will be that much more powerful than either of the others.


Also, I couldn't give a crap about Blu-ray or watching blue-laser discs on my console, since I don't have an HDTV, and won't be able to afford one for several years hence.


The 360 and Wii make most sense to me, as gaming consoles, right now, and I find the Wii very intriguing. So that's my pick.

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The thing with the PS3 is that it has most of the "big" developers on board. Square Enix, Konami, etc.


But I will agree with you that the Wii looks like a really fun time. I'll hopefully pick one up eventually, if not only for the new Super Smash Bros game. Will the Wii have online play at all?

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The PS3 really will be no more powerful than the XBOX, because Microsoft is just releasing new hardware that'll put them both in the same place, so when it comes to power they'll be even in a short matter of time. And yeah, PS3 does have a better variety of games, with better game developers, I agree with that. XBOX is the shooter console though, and it's obvious Playstation can't do anything about that.


Wii is also the cheapest. Price is somewhat of an issue for me, so if I were to get a next gen console with my own money, no doubt in my mind I'd get myself a Wii. Twilight Princess and the new Smash will probably be awesome, not to mention playing the oldies for nastalgia.

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The Wii Controller is ridiculously stupid. I like the fact that you can play old game, but hey, you can already do that with emulators and roms on the pc. With no online capability, I'm not looking forward to playing another mario, zelda, or metriod game. It's time for Nintendo to grow up.

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I know PS3 will be really hard to get over the next 6 weeks, but what about the Wii? Is there any need to pre-order?

the official Wii pre-orders were done on the same day as the PS3 and went pretty much just as quickly. Keep in mind that there were more Wii's available at most places than PS3's (where I went it was 10 Wii : 5 PS3 oh, and I was 11th in the Wii line)

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I voted for Wii. The pricepoint is a big plus but also, Nintendo is trying some really new things and the ability to play all the classics is awesome. And for those who don't like the new controller they can use the other more traditional controller.


Sony has awesome developers but they're slowly losing exclusive rights to a lot of great titles, so that won't matter too much. And to me, graphics and picture quality aren't everything. I can't wait for new Zelda, Mario Galaxy (March 2007), and Red Steel.


The only thing that pisses me off about Nintendo is that you're restricted to a white console. The DS is fucked too, you get white in NA, black in the UK, etc. It's fucking stupid.

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How can you "play the classics" on the Wii? I'm assuming that you can't use old SNES cartirdges, and if there isn't any online capability, then how can you download them?


This means that they'll probably release them as individual games, at a retarded price, like they did for the GBA. They released every Mario game individually for 50 bucks, when they probably could have fit all of them on a single game. It's bullshit. I really hope someone corrects me.

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Nevermind about my question. Apparently the Wii WILL have online capability, and you can d/l the classic games.


$5 for a NES game, 8 for a SNES and 10 for an N64. Seems reasonable to me.

not to mention Genesis for $8 and TurboGrafx-16 for $6


edit: apparently they're making a sort of retro super NES looking controler for the older games look here to see it.

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