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Don't you love your Emac Jarrod? Mine has never done me wrong. They seem to be last of the generation of solid Macs. I've heard several stories of the more recent computers freezing. An Apple?? Freezing?! That's what I said.

Yeah, I love my eMac. I want it to come with me to Calgary with me, but it's too friggin heavy to ship out though... so my mom is going to buy me a laptop.


My sister also has an iBook. It's AWESOME! I love using it.


Apples are the best. I will not go back to Windows.

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Well they are basically javascript, css, and html. This back end is usually pretty simple java. There are a couple of special functions that you can define that tell the widget what to do on hide and on wake.


That's really about it. If you don't have a mac though, it's going to be pretty tough to develop a decent widget (since you don't have a sandbox).

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