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HDTV: Plasma Or LCD?

Which do you prefer?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Plasma
    • LCD
    • The classic tube tv

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Go for rear projection. That or wait for new CED technology to come out that will blow all that other shit out of the water.


You can play widescreen videogames just fine on plasma screens, but if you're going for LCD you need to get a high refresh rate because any action will blur. Watching fullscreen (low-def) TV too much on plasma will result in burn in.

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the newest plasma tvs do not burn in anymore. they have been fixed for that problem. they will last about 60000 hrs without noticing a huge detirioration (i dont remember how to spell that)


Plasma tvs are best suited for rooms that dont have much light. they have a richer color in the dark. they arent bad in regular light, like a living room, but i would never do it. ever.

lcd is good. but the color isnt as rich. its still really good though. you probably wont be able to tell much of a differnce.


i think the poll question sucks, because both are wicked tvs, just in the right settings. so i am a no vote. chump

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it also depends on the size of tv you want.  pretty sure you can't even get a plasma that's larger than 42".



my parents have a 50" lcd and i am less than impressed by it. it's not at all vibrant and it isn't the clearest.

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Ok - my living room has big windows on one side... and therefore is bright for most of the day. I also want the ability to play video games on it, without burning the screen... and I'd be using a Rogers HD box.


What tv is for me? Plasma or LCD?


I guess I'm just freaking out about destroying my TV with burned on video game images... I'm looking to buy a flat screen early in 2007.

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Every LCD television I've ever seen has fuckin' shitty definition; they're blurry as shit. Then again I don't know whjat kind ofa refresh rate they have but I would assume at least one TV out of the 100 that I've seen would be decent.


In most LCD televisions I can actually see the scan line behind the images on the screen. It's awful.

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