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Mg Song For Analysis As A Poem

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I have to do a critical analysis of a poem for Grade 12 english. one of the choices is "singers and songwriters"


what would be a good choice for a song to analyze like a poem? take in mind my teacher is a generally hard marker, and said the songwriters choice is probably the hardest requireing the most work.


I love matt good and i think his writing is amazing, im just wondering what would be good choices as a poem. any help would be greatly apreciated. thanks

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I did this last year for writers craft. Chose the Rat who would be king. It's posted somewhere on this board. I got like a 95 or some shit like that, and got to play the song for the class. They hated it, which made it all the more enjoyable.

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Truffle Pigs is a good one, Strange Days has pretty decent lyrics, Near Fantastica has some sweet lines (especially the acoustic "remix"), as do Rabbits, Blue Skies Over Bad Lands, Omissions ... I think that's just about one from every album (if not two).


Just remember that the newest record (White Light, that is) is a little more straightforward and somewhat less open to wide interpretations to the degree that albums like Audio of Being, Avalanche and Beautiful Midnight are. Not to say that it isn't at all ... just less so.

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We were once forced, in high school, to select a song which in some way reflected the boook 1984, and modif the lyrics to wok....better. I used Indestructible. Do not ask me how, I am saturated with alcohol and am incapable of logic or reason.

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