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Hey guys, well as some might have noticed, I recently changed my avatar for the first time in awhile. If you cannot see the new one, if you click refresh in your browser it should show up, or if not I will also leave an upload version of it below. So, I thought we could play a little game. To the first person to correctly guess what the picture is of and at least the name of one of the people in the picture will get 100 NF$ from me.


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BishopX wins on a technicality. Ravenous Megin-Sane was correct, however, she failed to mention at least one of the people in the pictures. Character names were never mentioned as an exclusion, so, BishopX wins the 100 NF$. I thought this picture might be blatantly obivous, however, I hoped the game might last a little longer...

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