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I'm Going To Hop On A Plane

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Yes, that's right my friends, for the first time in more than three years, I'm going on vacation! I'll be hanging out with my brother in one of Europe's coolest cities, Amsterdam that is, for five days. I could say that I'm going to miss the bored, but I'm pretty sure I'll be too drunk/high to remember it exists :angry:


Try not to miss me too much, ah? ;)


(Pictures and stories on Friday/Saturday).

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I spent the shittiest day of my summer in Amsterdam. Alone in that city, the day after your birthday, just walking around. Not so fun. But the park is very pretty. Also, when people offer you drugs int he red light district, don't say anything. If you say no then they just keep bugginf you about it, sometimes to the point where it gets scary.

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Thanks you guys, I had a really good time. It was great to get away from everything for a few days, since some stuff has been going on in my life and also it has been a few years since I last went on vacation.


I'm actually not into drugs at all, I've had good friends smoking pot/weed/hash next to me for years and I didn't even bother trying it out because it didn't interest me. I have smoked a bit before but didn't enjoy it at all so I didn't even bother.


Oh, and Adam, I skipped the whores part because I'm sort of seeing someone now :angry:


Amsterdam is still great, it was my second time there and I believe I've been to what is called heaven on earth - the Heineken factory. Oh my, it was so awesome. This picture pretty much sums up my vacation:




More pictures from heaven (my brother can't seem to take a picture of me that isn't blurry):








Some interesting people around Dam Square:






Tree hugger:




I'm there somewhere:




The lights were pretty:




That is all ;)

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