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Usb Extension Cord.

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You can't get a cable over 5'... I don't think. Turns out that the timing of the USB protocol is so tight that cables over a certain length cause them to violate the timing... USB is a master-slave setup, and the slaves can't answer before the master times them out and resends.

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They can be improvised easily with a cheap hub and a standard cable. I had a flash drive which came with a pointless 'docking station'-style stand... which I gutted. Tear the plastic shell off for a male/female cable.

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Thats EXACTALLY what I need... just I need it longer.


Stupid Circuit City (by the way, I was in there, all they talked about amongst each other was bateries, I thought of this thread and laughed)

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To be clear, I wasn't sure on the number. Turns out that I got the 5 right, but the units wrong. With regards to the protocol standards, I'm not entirely incorrect.


Further to that, I don't deliberately state fallacies as truth. In fact, that statement makes no sense. I simply state fallacies where a fallacies is a mistake belief. Since I have no more detailed knowledge, I can do nothing more than state my fallacy... I however didn't see you here laying down the 'truth'.


In summary. Get bent.



The most aggravating limitation of USB is the length restriction. Because of the nature in which data is carried through the cable, USB has an accepted maximum length of 15 feet. Some devices, depending on power needs and data bandwidth, may be able to go beyond this, but there are no guarantees.


The only practical solution, aside from using a different interface, is the use of repeater extension cables to fill the gaps. These cables have a small booster at the end, which reads and re-sends the signal instead of just passing it along. They can be strung along in a row, and so long as there is never more than 15 feet of cable between boosters, it is possible to run USB up to an extended maximum of 80 feet. This can get expensive, however, and alternatives are most often recommended.

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