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The New What Are You Listening To? Thread

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laura palmer and the grand theft orchestra "do it with a rockstar"




amanda palmer, sorry. i forgot her name :P




gnarls barkley "going on"

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fine young cannibals - greatest hits


in my younger, stupider days, i WOULD NOT like to listen to them, cause I thought the lead singer was "gay" (which I would not listen to, cause I thought listening to him, he would somehow make me 'one of them' just like Larry, another guy I went to school with, and thought he was. and I didn't like him, he even told me, 'I am gay, and i don't like you, which prompted me to call my dad and tell him that I had 'thrown up' 'which I hadn't, but he didn't know that') in my older, wiser-had sex and kissed a girl 'not to prove that I was hetero, i swear' days, they are definetly good' i'm doing good) and so are them.


yeah. :-)

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Young M.C.


I used to have a concept of what " good hip hop" was...but I chose to be a punk.....I'm not a poseur.....but Young is really good.....there I said it. 8-)





i re-familiarised myself, but i know what you're saying. check out the roots undun and how i got over

i honestly can't chose which to suggest, they're amazing in their respective ways

i've been listening too, to a lot of sage francis lately. and i'm trying to decide what i think - after one day for a lion's selftitled revolutionised my concept of hoes and shit i remember listening to gym class heroes trying to get around. check out dan charnas' book the big payback

before this shit got on the radio today, hiphop was punk as fuck, and really fun too

i could go on and on, but, are we conversing?





this is what i'm listening to

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going through my large cd collection, listening to cds that I had once thought were awesome

The Killers, thought was great back then, listening to them now......even more awesomer.

there I said it.



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