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Don't Go There. Let's Go There.

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I have their albums, and I enjoy listening to them. I think The Black Parade is one of the best releases this year and admire their nod to 70's rock and their ability to surpass the last release in terms of ambition and quality. Well done, lads.




This band sucks regardless. It's one thing to put an album out that you can't pull off live. There's no shame in that. But at least do it because of complex arrangements and studio effects, not because your lead singer can't sing for shit. I don't care how pretty your costume is, unless "waive your hands" and "hello new jersey" are in the lyrics some 20 times, maybe this schtick isn't for you.


So while I like what's on the CD, it seems like a studio creation and not the work of an actual band. What say you?

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I know the title sounds weird to some, but it's just that on another board I defended MCR so much back when Three Cheers came out (I've been a fan since their first release), that it simply isn't discussed anymore. Last night, I'm watching Fuse with the wife and they come on and suck the paint off the walls. Meanwhile, my wife is screaming "Gays in the military! Gays in the military!" and I just can't do it anymore.


Ah, enough of that. Here's Mars Volta having urine thrown at them.


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Yeah Mars Volta suck live. Worst performance I've ever seen of a "big name" band, a shame since their studio albums are pretty awesome.


It's like a wall of sound, with 9 musicians trying to outperform each other. Their sound crew needs to get their shit together, the bass in some songs like Viscera Eyes is unbearable. They used to be so much better.


But yeah that's off topic, the new MCR cd was ok till it got to the line "i'm still soggy from the chemo" or whatever. i thought that was pretty terribly worded and haven't listened since.

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when i saw them live.... well, of the two concerts that the lead singer didnt face the crowed, they were one of them, and they really sucked live. the other band, tools, who also sucked because the lead sing not only didnt face the crowed, he was behind the drummer.

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Maynard can face any way he wants in my opinion. Plus at a tool show if you aren't watching Danny Carey, you're missing out.


I like the direction this topic took, MCR is the biggest joke I've ever heard...It's not even music, it's like a MacDonalds happy meal ejaculating from speakers.

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