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It Is Your Duty As A Human Being To Watch This.

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PBS "Frontline" documentary called "The Dark Side", shows how Cheney & Rumsfeld (& to lesser extent Bush) built their power within the White House/Pentagon respectively, orchistrated the case for war, conjured a fabricated NIE from the CIA, spread propaganda through interviews & the state of the union speech etc.


Watch it now online for free, then send the link to everyone you know who cares about truth.


PBS Frontline - "The Dark Side"

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It'd be more our duties as human beings to create a mass protest of the current US government.

this is a start. information leads to inspiration leads to action.


It really opened my eyes when i first saw it around when it first aired on PBS in June. Its one thing to read about this stuff or go by heresay or op-ed stuff like Farenheit 9/11 or from things you read in papers are on matt site or on Jon Stewart, but to hear this shit from the people close to the situation who worked with these tyrants is quite eye-opening.

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Not sure if we can do much except wait for the Democrats to impeach the bitches. Or pressure our American friends on here to pressure their local gov't or congressmen whatever.


I guess if we were 100% passionate we could camp in front of Capitol Hill & organize a worldwide rally to get the mofo impeached.

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