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I have a friend whose musical tastes I respect, and he has told me about a metal band called Mastodon that he enjoys and has recommended that I pick up their newest and most widely distributed release, Blood Mountain. I checked them up on iTunes, but the 30 second clips are...well itunes-esque and dont give a very good representation of anything. I was wondering if anyone here were fans (i've also heard that their last release, Leviathan was just as good). Thanks guys.

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i downloaded leviathan recently and it's not bad. i've only listened to it once, though. i kept hearing them come up in articles and reviews pertaining to isis and pelican - bands which i love, so naturally i looked into them.

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against me! is opening for them in may.


so fucked

haaha i knew it.

tickets are 32 dollars, too


so i'll most likely be paying a dollar for each minute of their performance. that's kind of lame but you know i'm going to do it.

of course. but i dont see a problem in forking over $32 for against me. would you stay for mastodon's set?

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how likely is that?

depends what songs they play.

aside from a perfect circle, i don't think i have ever seen a band open with a shitty song.


in addition to that, i am feeling feisty and want to argue with someone. anyone.

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