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i heard him for the first time on the daily show last night. at the beginning of the song i really didn't like him much, but by the end i was kinda diggin' it. i may have to look into this old hound dog.


edit: now i have to...he's got a song called 'on the road' with lyrics credited to jack kerouac.

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It's "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."


Usually that is, not saying he might have said it different elsewhere.

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happily got swordfishtrombones, frank's wild years, and big time for xmas. they've been playing 'big time' on bravo quite a bit lately (for those non-canadians, that's an arts & culture type tv station)... but apparently the vhs is out of print and they have yet to release it on dvd. a damn shame, i tells you.

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