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I'm Not Sure If Anyone Cares

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Loser Anthems (blue)

In love with a bad idea single

Audio of Being (limited edition)


all on ebaY


Edit: none of the links worked so I guess just go to ebaY and search Matthew Good, they're all there.

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When I preordered AoB, I got the white cover and the black cardboard sleeve with "A Pleasurable Headache", but I have no idea where that sleeve has ran off to in my travels. When that disc got FUBAR'd due to shoddy care, I ended up with a black cover, then I bought another white one a bit later, and the grey one off of ebay.


Yah, loser.

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this cheaply mde product contains the lyrics to all four mgb studio albums and three ep's.  during its creation a great deal of care was taken to find the original lyrical version of each song before it was retarded by the unfortunate repetitions that rock music often demands.  this cheaply made book would be pointless otherwise if not to offer some discrepancies between it and previously printed materials.  therefore you will discover a few.  i found it difficult to bring myself to admit that I was responsible for a great deal of what you're about to read, so i immediately ordered that it be transformed into a cheaply made and totally unnecessary promotional item


The other big thing about this was that it was the only place until numerous lyrics sites got a hold of them to find the lyrics to the AoB record.

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Ahh, "cheaply made and totally unnecessary promotional item" - those are the very words that I was going for. Thanks for the recap, AnOceanPearl. I guess I was just too lazy to go and grab it off the shelf (though I do love the sparse CD liner notes, especially the "activate musical redundancy beam").

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