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How Far Has Matt Toured In The U.s.?

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...which is just a goddamn shame. I wonder how much of that could be due to his own personal preference and whether he'd even be able to get any bookings in the US outside the northeastern states. With his reputation for being "outspoken" (which is just such a BS way to say "honest") I imagine that there are plenty of venues, booking agents and promoters in the US that won't touch him.


Of course, I'm making some assumptions here: how well known is Matt (or even MBG) in the US? I honestly have no idea. Anyone?

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I'm never so glad to live in Buffalo than when I realize Matt plays here more than almost any other US city.

hear hear.


his last two shows here were only 6 months apart. hopefully we get another concert date come the next tour.

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i should write him a letter and ask him politely to come play in texas. he could do it in my yard and then maybe the neighbours would figure out that there really IS music besides what they play on the xm classic rock station.

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