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One of the pioneers of the alt/rock world Sonic Youth never get recognition here. They have a huge discography--most of them worth checking out. Their earlier stuff would probably be extremely hard to get into (early punk roots with noise...lots of noise) and looking over my thread about Pavement, you guys might not like it--though they started add some melody with the Sister album. But they peaked into a greater dimension with the 88 masterpiece Daydream Nation--freaking awesome, yes probably my favourite album of the 80s. The band is famous for their signature "freak outs" and complex, yet tight musicianship--by far one of the best musicians in my collection.


I'll admit that vocally, both Thurston and Karen are pretty sub-par vocalists. But I think they purposely tried the minimalist approach with vocals since they wanted to be different from the mainstream. Though if you are a fan, you will notice that they started to put more effort in their vocals in the later records...I thought Karen sang awesome throughout the whole Sonic Nurse album.


Also, Thurston Moore released a terrific solo album in 98 called Psychic Hearts--check that out if you're a fan--up there with any Sonic Youth record.


I assume like the Pavement thread, this will be a failure as well.

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I agree, SY kick serious ass. I wouldn't knock Sister or any of the early stuff though, "Schizophrenia" is one of my all time favourite songs. Cat Power does a great cover of it as well.


Oh, and it's Kim, not Karen. They just sing about Karen Carpenter a lot.


Rather Ripped has been been in my player a lot this year.

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yes! another thread about a band/artist i worship (so far there's been tom waits and lou reed... oh, and of course that matthew good character...).


sister's always been my favourite. but they never really sucked. 1000 leaves is alsp worth checking out. Daydream Nation is obvious.


i see why they're sometimes "hard to get into".

but they're really not a noise rock band at all. when they are making noise, it's so intritcate and structured.


as far as the vocals go, kim can wear a bit thin, but it's perfect at times (tunic) and thurston has that ever-detatched cool (silver rocket).


blah blah blah. point is, they're fantastic.


(on a side note, if anyone out there is a fan of Placebo, it's disturbing how much they reference Sonic Youth in their lyrics/sound. i love it, but it's shocking.)

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