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Another Ultra-rare Track

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It's Matt requesting something from the audience



I know you'll like this one



Matt's Top Eight Latest Quotes:


8) On flack for recording a "limited" EP: "On one hand I'm a fuckin' corporate sell-out and on the other hand there aren't enough records for them to purchase."


7) Why Copyright as an opener: "It's not because I want to give them the opportunity to play in front of people. It's because I want to stand on the side of the stage and watch 'em."


6) On recording the song "The Fine Art Of Falling Apart:" "I basically played and sang the song and no matter how flat and out of fuckin' tune it was I didn't touch it."


5) Lame stage shows: "I just can't abide bands that stand around doing nothing with moody lights behind them. It's so boring."


4) Canadian bands in America: "When a Canadian band goes to America to play, or does an interview with American media, the first thing they know about you is that you're a Canadian. And the first thing that that basically entails is that you're not as good as them."


3) Obligatory Radiohead slam: "I think that what they do, especially in the last two records, sounds fantastic but it feels horrible."


2) Los Angeles, so much to answer for: "I just challenge anyone to go to Los Angeles and hang out in West Hollywood for awhile at all those bullshit hotel bars to get a true sense of how fucking non-human that industry is."


1) Matt Good fans: "They're all fuckin' hotheads for some absolute weird reason."

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