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Big Oil And Big Ass

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Perhaps a shout-out to the hip-hop community?


EDIT: What does that bitch mean the Commons got back to serious business? I do more serious business drunk at 3 in the morning than those clowns do in a week.

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Still, "I'll get to the bottom of it" was a pretty good comeback. I hate Harper, but he gets +1 respect point for that.

ppfffttt WHAT? lol i almost blew my coffee all over the screen! That was not a good come back man, it was sooo corny! I realy expected more out of old Stevo.. But then i remind myself he has the personality of a brick wall.

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You and me both pal, you and me both....


Layton definetely looks like Lenin, it's rather hilarious. And right now im pissed off at him, at first he gives a vote to his party regarding the war in Afghanistan and they vote overwhelmingly to oppose the war. Then he decidedly flips his decision on his parties stance by saying "we're really not against the war, just the way the war is being conducted".

So much for democracy!

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