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So, I Applied For A New Position

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I work for a bank. About two months ago, I asked for a transfer to another branch because I was getting sick of the position I was in, so I stepped down and moved to another branch. A couple of days ago, an internal posting for a support specialist came up. I applied for it last night, and will hopefully get it.


But, here's the thing. I didn't tell my current manager because I'm quite certain she'll be pissed off because I just transferred to the branch and I already want out. I figured, if I apply and don't get considered, she won't find out and no skin off the back. But, if I am considered, then I'll have to tell her. I'm scared, that if I get accepted, of how I'm going to tell her, and she'll be all mad because I didn't go to her first. Thoughts? Should have I gone to her first?

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You don't have to ask her permission to do any of this. This is your career, not hers.


If she gets offended, well *shrug* that's not your problem really.


And if she loses her temper over it, then that's pretty unprofessional of her.


It's not personal. It's just business.

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Tracy is absolutely right. Some people jump from company to company, in a relatively short time when I see that on a resume, that person has a snowballs chance in hell of working for me. What you're doing is pretty admirable. You're just trying to advance your career at the same company. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Most companies place a high value on potentially long term employees.


Good luck to you, I hope you get it. As for your boss, she really has no say in this...if it were her in your place, she'd do the same thing. How do you think she got to be your boss? She sure didn't do it, by just being a teller in the same place for millenia...

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