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So Homophobia Went This Far?

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I was just watching the Daily Show and I saw something on Back In Black that frankly shocked the hell out of me. It was a segment about that new movie, Happy Feet... the musical cartoon about the dancing penguins? This is what one guy had to say:


""There's a part in the new movie where the main penguin says "Dad, I can't change... you just have to accept me as I am." I mean, that's going to go over little kid's heads but.. we know what's up."


And that's followed up with a woman:


"Let's face it, and just say it: there's a herd of.. gay penguins out there."

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I really am looking forward to seeing it. Most things that should be cute and cuddly are quite dangerous...Koala's look really cute...but one of my Frat Brothers, who grew up down under...said they were murderous little buggers.

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