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Wow This Is The Biggest Piece Of Crap In The World

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I was looking at a Wiki article about The Beatles because I'm organizing my MP3's on my iPod and I see an article about Paul McCartney's death, something I've heard of before but never paid any attention seeing as it's a hoax. I decided to read a little about it to see what people were saying and...man a lot of people have a lot of time to find conspiracies anywhere...I am sincerely amazed (a lot of people took a lot of drugs as well back then which tends to make one a little paranoid...;))



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With the advent of the Internet, the "Paul is Dead" rumours have found new life. Several websites have sprung up claiming that photographic evidence proves that the Paul McCartney before and after late 1966 couldn't be the same man. Some of these new theories postulate that Paul was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan, the Illuminati, or even the other Beatles.


That is so funny, and yet people really believe this crap.

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everyone knows that the Beatles are dying in order of Talent

1. John

2. George

3. ????

4. ????

I've read this somewhere before, and it's still ridiculous. Not that we should get into it here, but there is no argument about Paul vs. George.


And the Pete Best thing is hi-larious, btw.

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