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Matt Good Appreciation Day

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Hey! I noticed you're a Matt Good fan and I'm hoping you'll

take part in "matt good appreciation day" on dec. 13th. it's

just the fans way of saying "hey we give a crap!" after all

the stuff he's had to go through this year. All the info is



Please consider taking part, and please forward it to as

many fellow fans as you could possibly think of!


Passing the word on from one fan to many others.

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No as far as I have seen you can send him a comment on matthewgood.org


I may send him a short message but that's about it. One time I sent him an e-mail appreciation type of message and never got a response :angry: Yes I know he is busy and what not, but it sucks to kind of "pour your heart out" in a sense and not get any response back. ;)

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Seems like a zillion years ago:



Me: Hello Undertones


Matt: Hey it's me I'm in Edmonton


Me: howzit goin'?


Matt NOT GOOD. Hey you wanna play bass fer me?


Me: uh...sure.


Matt: Well then find a drummer


Me: I'll go ask Ian


Matt: cool...


Best call I ever got...

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Ya, I'm not going to say much. Just a thanks and all that jazz.


EDIT: I just sent him an e-mail through the comments feature on his site. But then I went to his MySpace and the comments weren't anything out of the ordinary, so I hope I'm not the only one doing this. ;)

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