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21st Century Living Music Video

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It's obvious that a lot of work was put into these, but equally obvious that not a lot of thought went into them.


I'm not trying to bash them... but it's neat when people come up with original ideas for videos that aren't word-by-word representations of the lyrics.


The one for 21st Century Living basically takes aspects of the weapon video and splices it, ironically, with images from the 20th Century.


The second is better in my opinion... but comes of as something better suited for an Our Lady Peace or Dallas Green video and not, our beloved friend, Matthew Good.

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I liked both videos...I liked the Fated vid better....It was a nice concept. But then, Fated is one of my favorite songs. I think other concepts might have been more direct related to the song...but, the black and white works...21st Century, the whole montage thing would have worked with newer images, and maybe an opening shot of maybe someone looking at screen with images beginning...but this is someone elses vision and I respect it.

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