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This Makes Me Sad

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Mwahahah I was just talking about this last night actually. The better questions on Yahoo! Answers are the ones I've seen like:


"Whre do the babies cum from?"

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Can't kill her, she's a 6 ft blonde blue eyed goddess...they don't grow on trees!!! And she's pretty smart too.

a blonde haired blue eyed girl dating a black guy. Hitler myst be crying in hell over that one! (totally joking, not meant to be taken in a bad way)

you do raise a good point though, If I knew a tall sexy woman that didn't know where more cowbell came from, I wouldn't kill her... just maim her a bit

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you stay out of this! not EVERYTHING has to be about Jesus!

and as for "it's 5 minutes long and yadda yadda yadda" are you saying the Numa Numa dance is over rated?


ps i'm sorry, i don't know what i'm saying, of course everything has to be about jesus, and i am truly sorry for ever even thinking unpleasant thoughts about you and your glorious taste in everything. please, for the love of god, forgive me.

Edited by mrs jesus
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