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Fundamentalists Say The Darndest Things

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ah the joys they bring, it is always fun to go argue with them down in the Ottawa Market at night like my friend did last night. Even more so when there are homeless people right across the street from them.

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"While it would be nice if we could set up deceptions to fool people into the Church, and I suspect it's been tried... I doubt the value of it long term. We would have a bunch of people in the Church who are gullible."

- Woody Brison, alt.religion.mormon, 2007-Sep-16




"My pastor says all scientists are under the influence of Satan to some degree. Science has never produced anything good for people, it has brought us only sorrow.


Go to a Baptist church and you will be happy again. And pure. "

- Fisher, Yahoo! Answers, 2007-Sep-15

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that all of the british at that point where Christian (Anglican). Given that being any other religion resulted in reduced rights (Catholics couldn't vote), it is a reasonable assertion.


I haven't read this thread at all, so I have no idea how this is relevant.

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"As explained, it was kicked out of orbit. It now holds a highly elliptical orbit far away from the Sun. In fact, one revolution around the sun takes approximately 3,700 years. Currently it is several hundred AU from the sun. It is also possible that the planet is cloaked. Its inhabitants possess technology far greater than ours, so this would not surprise me.


Planet X is coming..."



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"Recently the Lord told me to get rid of my 3 generation old game called MAH-JHONNG... This game has tiles made of ivory and bamboo or bakelite, that are hand carved in China and are demonized. My children said they felt like something was watching them or following them up the steps when they were in the basement, and I continued to bind and deal with a HUGE spirit of FEAR when I tried to pray in this same environment. The Lord exposed this DEMON and told me to get rid of MAH-JHONNG. I researched the game on the Internet and found through the "International League of Mah-Jhonng" in New York, that the spiritual aspect of this game is designed to WORSHIP BUDDHA! There are actually BUDDHA discs that accompany some of these games, mine didn't. PRAISE GOD for HOUSECLEANING! I burned the game in an All-Church EPHESUS burning."


Anonymous, Demonbuster.com, 2007-Oct-25


I haven't had a chance to check out Demonbuster yet, but there was another post about a dancing Troll doll that some guy claims to have exorcised by commanding the demon to leave it's body. The guy who's cat yawned at him would love this one.

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I'm bored, so here we go again. Strap in, boys and girls.




Not hardly --- atheism is, in fact, a polytheistic form of worship, with a female as it's primary deity - (Mother Nature).

-AV1611VET, Christian Forums [2008-Jan-25]






{"I suggest you ask a doctor about drug resistent bacterial strains. Evolution in action.")


That is not evolution, but only the bacteria adapting to its environment.

-Alien Syndrome, Fark [2008-Jan-25]






You Atheists think you have got it all figured out huh? So you THINK you know that there is no God so you make up this ridiculous fake religion. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? COME ON!! As if making fun of Christians for believing in God wasn

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from jesusandiaretight.com




It takes more energy, takes more out of you being a sinner

than it does to be a Christian. Honestly!!!

God does not ask for much, and the rewards are unlimited.

I know myself when I have done things wrong (sinned) , I feel exhausted, ran down, over whemed, anxieted,etc...

When I try to live the way I should, I feel excess energy, light hearted, joy, etc...

(O love the Lord, all ye his saints: for the Lord preserveth the faithful and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer. Psalms 31:23)


The Ten Commandments are not that hard to obey, ya know?

Sin keeps us from God, and God keeps us from sin.

and it is all for our good. (if ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them. John 13:17)

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[in response to: Prayer and medical attention? Except atheists get sick, seek medical attention and get well, all without the prayer. Seems the prayer part is a bit....superfluous]




I don't agree with you.

Many die in the hospitals; in the presence of the Physicians and Surgeons; they were helpless to do anything. Physicians and Surgeons themselves die even taking the latest treatment. Many of them would have survived if they would have prayed also alongwith the treatment by medicine. Prayer as well as medical treatment in essential for cure. Please don't be unrealistic and superstitious.


paarsurrey, IIDB [2008-Mar-28]




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no need to highlight anything particular in this post, all of it is pretty much awesome.


"Re: Hello, I'm an Atheist.


Let's see, Hell, a creation; a concept an idea? Can't go to an idea. Can't go to a concept. Can go to a creation. Who created Hell? Do we know why? I'll let you answer them. If Hell was created and created for a specific purpose then chances are it is real. If it is real then the Maker or CREATOR must be real. If God is real then your political/religious stand as an atheist is flawed because God is real and so is HELL. The only beef you have is who goes to hell. For that I suggest Romans 3:23, Roman 6:23, John 3:16,17 and 1 John 1:9. Those are good starting points."

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When I was in college, it was pretty much a brainwashing experience from the perspective that the main message that I internalized from my professors was that as a woman I could be independent.


Christian Educational Services, Truth or Tradition? [2008-Apr-07]




What the hell?


okay here's something cool I belive that there used to be a canopy of water above the atmosphear and it would enable people to grow to up to 13" tall and live to be 900 years old.


I was aware of that yes it's in psalms and it's probably talking about heaven, did you know that there might be water outside this universe or space the bible says that the lord sits on many waters.


Supernova, CBH [2008-Apr-06]




Forgivenness personified:


Too bad there were not evolution scientists there to be burnt! We now have to suffer with evolution and we can't even kill or at least arrest scientists who mock GOD!


Anonymous, Evolved and Rational [2008-Apr-06]

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We're back!


The China infant milk scandal, even though it has so far not damaged any American babies, has exposed a major defect in the concept of free trade. It's dangerous to buy products from a nation whose economy is not based on Judeo-Christian morality.


Phyllis Schlafly, HumanEvents.com [2008-Sep-28]





You non-christians are so judgmental. It is a big world and and you should consider that maybe there are some things out there that you don't know about. I realize it is easier to put people down than it is to dig for the truth. But maybe you should try to find out the truth, you might learn something.


Eric, timesonline [2008-Sep-28]





(In response to; "Sorry, but you lost any religious credibility in the other thread- in which you pointed out that you believe something completely contrary to what the Bible actually says.")


I just believe what the Bible says. If one is contrary to the other as long as it is in the Bible, fine by me.


kanzenatsume, Gaia Online [2008-Sep-27]





i ordered chicken srips today and they told me to pull up and wait for them to finsh cooking and theyd bring them out. as i sat there watching the door through my mirror i thought about how it would be if obama wins. there would be fake abortion clinics that save the fetus insted of killing it and the mother things its dead. they raise them on machines and secrely adopt them out when theyre big enough. itll be illegal because the mother chose to kill it and we saved it and we'd be risking every thing but itd be worth it. i would be watching the fake abortion clnic door waiting to see the baby i saved from murder by adopting it just like i was watching the mcdonalds door.


olivery2k, i was thinking outside of mcdonalds today [2008-Sep-27]






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" First off I really think they should change the curriculum in the schools b/c I've learned more from one page in the bible and discussing it in a group and with friends in one day, than all the years sitting in a boring classroom learning about some pointless earthly fact or fiction that we came from apes, and they actually think they have some kind of urgent useful knowledge to send out...


Brothers and sisters let us not stop praying and to stay humble with great patience in this time of need. Also to try and others towards a loving relationship with our loving father. There is nothing wrong with openly praying, in fact it's good to do it in front of people sometimes because maybe other god fearing people will see you and rejoice and make good friends that are zealous like yourself."



In reply to this...




Spirituality is above intelligence. We can read the bible with our Lord and get immediate understanding through the Holy Spirit, but yet, we can sit in class until we are 90 and not learn what we can being with Jesus. All the education in the world cannot teach Christ's wisdom to us, so keep on reading, and you will be brilliant!"




Then some idiot on homosexuality...


"God did not make man and man then woman, but man then woman to be his companion. This is why.


God said that man and woman shall become one in the flesh and that they shall cleave together. Not man and man nor woman and woman nor were there three but two in the flesh. Remember God himself said this and it was before the forbidden fruit. Fruit in scripture can mean many of things, and the forbidden fruit was wisdom and knowledge which brought forth sin. For this God booted them from the Garden.


There is no need to say anything else on this subject for if you did not get or refuse to accept it, God have mercy on you on that day.


One more thing there is no debating this with me it is how God said it, if you do not like it or you want to get mad look up my friends for it he who said I am only relaying to you the message. Expect no more from me on this subject, for I have faith, he said it and I must accept it irregardless of my own thoughts or desires. Honestly I think homo, les, and bi is all the same and that is disgusting. I shall keep the rest of my personal out of it and God bless you all on your struggles and battles along with your tribulations. "


obviously a complete moron... someone should tell them that GOD didn't write the bible, some guys did...


some of the reply's are funny though


"No. a man and a man cannot procreate. Neither can a sterile man with a woman. Is he Hellbound?"



The name of this poster is just too funny as well as the ignorant comment on atheists..


"Athesist's wouldn't visit this site if they weren't searching for truth...why would they bother? Understanding where they are with their belief's are simple if you know satan as well as you know your Lord Jesus Christ. Know your enemies as well as you know your friends...











all these are taken form jesusandiaretight.com

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You know, I get too a point where I get so sick and tired of the bullshit rhetoric...I just have to ask if any of these people get the concept that when they spew this nonsense that sane, educated people look at them and wonder when Darwin's theories are going to catch up with them.


I personally believe in God...but I'm pretty clear on where my religion relates to my everyday life. Meaning, while I put my faith in God...I recognize that it goes hand in hand with every day life. Doctors heal, teachers teach, etc...and that the common sense requirements of every day life are not provided by religion... meaning, while reading the bible and discussing it does not a complete education make...You can't go into a job interview and say, "Hey I read the bible, but skipped college....but I still want to be your VP of IT." Doesn't work like that. Morons!!!

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