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Anyone Still Looking For A Wii/ps3?

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I thought this would get way easier after Christmas...but it seems just as hard! It seems the only way I can score a Wii is to wait outside a store every morning and hope they got a shipment...which I can't do, because I work at 8 everyday.


Anyone have any ideas about scoring a console?


Maybe there are others out there as frustrated as me?

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if you know someone who has one, i heard the new scam (if you have the money to buy one) is to have that person tell nintendo it's defective. they have a supply kept for this purpose and they send one out expecting you to send your defective one back. if you don't, they charge you credit card. that's what i heard but it might be total b.s.

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...I have a Wii...



I've been looking for a Black DS lite and nowhere seems to have any. It's all always pink ones. Also, Final Fantasy III on the DS is sold out EVERYWHERE. I finally managed to get myself a Wiimote last week (so now I have two) but still, they're sold out of most Nintendo stuff everywhere. it's pretty crazy!

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I didn't Pre-Order anything! I tried, but EB Games only had 10 Wii's for pre-order, and I was customer #11 in line that morning.

I went out on November the 19th and went from store to store to store until I found out that Costco had 40 consoles and 14 people in line so far. They're your best bet if you're looking for one (I would think)

Also, if you're looking for a PS3, be patient. A Toys 'R' Us near my house had 4 PS3's in stock the other day, no one knew they were even there. it seems like people are a bit less frantic since Christmas is passed.

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